Hi, I am Jessica Hills

I started my photography journey very early in high school by taking pictures at the waterski tournaments I participated in. I was always trying to capture the moment and the adrenaline on their faces as they pulled through the course from ball to ball. I loved getting the giant rooster tail of water as they turned from ball 2 to ball 3 and sped back across the water. Getting the wakeboarder in mid-air while they were pulling off a trick they had been working on for months and getting their landing with the excited look on their face because all their hard work paid off. Those days on the ski lake stirred a passion for photography that I nurtured into adulthood. 

I have worked for two studios before going out on my own to do weddings and engagement sessions. They will always hold a special place in my heart! The excitement of waking up early for a wedding and arriving just a little earlier than the wedding party so I can capture every moment for them. Being there until the end of the night when the bride and groom are sent off to begin the rest of their lives together is such a priceless feeling. You feel special to be included in someone else's happily ever after! It always warmed my heart to start editing the images because I was able to relive the day and laugh when I found that once in a lifetime image of the bride and her dad sharing a moment... or, the groom and his groomsmen sharing a beer. Those moments will always be special to me!

Through the years I have done everything from Portraits, weddings, engagement, boudoir, family, High School Seniors, and Sports teams and have always gone back to boudoir. I have always found boudoir to be my favorite genre because I was able to make the women I photographed, see a different side of themselves, a side that I could see the entire time. They just had to be shown it was there.  

I started my venture into more boudoir photography after I gave birth to my daughter. I knew what it was like to feel uncomfortable in my own skin after having a baby and lose some self-confidence. Who was this person I saw in the mirror? I was going through so many changes while accepting my new role as a stay-at-home mother and I put a lot of my self-care on the back burner. It took a lot for me to gain my self-confidence back and feel beautiful again and I did that through creating amazing images for my closest mom friends! Who, as it turns out, were feeling the same way I did and putting themselves on the back burner so they could raise their family. I wanted to give them something to make themselves feel beautiful again! An experience that would show them they are beautiful, and they are worth it!

Working with many different types of women helped me to come up with fun sessions and poses that would flatter their features. I love experimenting with new photography styles from individual sessions to bestie sessions and even milk baths, if you have session ideas, we can do our best to make it happen! I love finding new ways to capture an individual's style. I am always learning new things and welcome a challenge.

My goal will always be to strive to provide an experience that instils confidence in the women I photograph. To be able to show them that they are beautiful even though they may not feel it all the time. My studio is dedicated to making women feel amazing and look amazing in all the images we take!



“I’ve had 2 sessions with Jessica, a boudoir shoot and a witchy shoot. Both sessions were amazing experiences and so fun to do! She made me feel very comfortable with myself and was so creative with the shots and they turned out incredible! I was nervous to do the boudoir shoot but she helped me shake those nerves off and really embrace myself and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I plan to do many more sessions with her in the future!”